Real Brain Dissected on Psychology Brain Day

We’ve had a very special guest speaker talking to our A Level Psychology students; Neuroscientist Dr. Guy Sutton, with a real sheep brain

The session provided students with an overview of how the brain works, illustrating principles of neuroanatomy and brain function. Dr. Sutton helped our students explore a range of contemporary issues in academic neuroscience and physiological psychology, for example, how drugs affect the brain, the benefits of musical education and learning a language for brain development.

He showed our students the range of new technologies for exploring the brain, although nothing compared to seeing the real thing. The session centred around the dissection of a real sheep brain, with various parts of the brain passed around for a closer look! Our students found it really educational and were very professional when exploring and handling the various anatomical parts.

These are the kind of experiences we love to give our students as it really enriches their learning. If you're interested in studying something similar, take a look at our Psychology courses and apply today.

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