BTEC A Level Equivalent

Our Applied Psychology is a BTEC qualification equivalent to one A level. There are 4 units, 2 assessed by exams (Psychological Approaches & Applications and Health Psychology) and 2 assessed by coursework (Health Psychology and Criminal & Forensic Psychology). You will take one exam and one coursework unit each year for two years.

Preparing for this course

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What will I study

Unit 1: Psychological Approaches and Applications:
You will be introduced to some basic ideas from different approaches in psychology (social psychology, cognitive psychology. the learning approach and the biological approach). You will develop an understanding of how psychological research and concepts can explain gender, aggression and consumer behaviour.
Unit 2: Conducting Psychological Research
Learners develop knowledge, understanding and skills in the scientific process and in psychological research methodology through their own psychological research project. Exploring theories in psychology requires sound, scientific research principles that can involve a range of methods, including experiments, interviews, case studies and observations.
Unit 3: Health Psychology
Learners explore psychological approaches, theories and studies related to lifestyle choices, unhealthy behaviours and behavioural change, linking them to their specific contexts. How is stress linked to illness? Why do people become addicted to substances? Which factors influence whether people engage in unhealthy behaviours? These are the questions addressed by health psychologists, who are interested in how psychological and physiological factors affect health and ill health.
Unit 4: Criminal and Forensic Psychology
You will explore different theories used to explain criminal behaviour and the application in the criminal justice system. You will discuss psychological approaches to criminal behaviour and learn how offender profiles are created. You will examine different psychological methods for modifying and punishing criminal behaviour, and investigate their effectiveness.

Why choose Psychology at KGV

Psychology is a topic that is often new to students in college, as it is not widely offered at school. If you enjoy finding out about why people behave the way they do then this subject is for you. Psychology also combines scientific methods to study human behaviour and thinking. This includes looking at research, statistical analysis and critical evaluation skills. We have two Psychology classrooms and access to an array of psychology books in the library. We also offer a range of exciting trips and guest speakers to enhance the course and additional support sessions to expand your knowledge and exam technique.
Many of our students have been inspired by the forensic and mental health aspects of the course and have gone on to study degrees in Psychology and Criminology at universities such as Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds.

Entry Requirements


2 GCSEs at grade 5 or above and 3 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including Maths or English

You may choose to study a combination of 2 A levels and 1 BTEC A Level Equivalent.
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