2020 Masterclasses are a Success

Our 2020 Masterclass season, which saw year 11 pupils attending from schools right across the region, enjoying a taste of what Advanced Level Education is really like here at KGV.

Harry Pottor Potions Masterclass

Pupils get a taste of student life

There was a wide range of subjects on offer over the 3 evenings, giving pupils a chance to sample some of the high quality content we deliver across college, including the Sciences, Psychology, Law, Ancient History, Art, Photography, Business and Sports.

In the Science Masterclass, our tutor Rachel delivered a Harry Potter themed session on mixing potions with colourful chemicals, resulting in exciting effects. The students, in lab coats and goggles, were put into different houses, such as Gryffindor and Hufflepuff, competing against one another to record their findings. This was then put into scientific context, with thorough explanations as to what had been happening.

We also had Fashion Photography, with pupils sampling what student life in the studio is really like. The pupils got hands on with our high-end photographic equipment, snapping current KGV students, posing in their hand-made project work for Fashion and Textiles. They were then shown how to make post-edits in Photoshop, using the studio’s iMacs.

So much more was going on too, with the Coaching Academy session showing pupils how coaching and assessment works, in competitive sports. Business class, “You’re Hired” scrutinised the multinational brand Coca Cola, and for the lawyers of tomorrow, a session aimed at inspiring the next generation of high-flying, legal eagles was delivered.

Our year 11 visitors were really impressed with the Masterclasses, enjoying their time at KGV and feeling they had learnt a lot from the sessions and it was fantastic to see so many students joining us for each of the 3 weeks.

Masterclasses run annually in January and are available to all year 11 students, which ever school you currently attend. Details of next year's programme will be published in the Autumn, but in the meantime, please look out for lots of other taster programmes which will be shared on line and through your school. We hope to see you soon!

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