BTEC A Level Equivalent

Applied Law is assessed by coursework. You will study 4 modules over 2 years. These include law making, dispute solving, the concept of liability, homicide & police powers, theft offences and family law.

Preparing for this course

To help prepare you for your Law course access the Supreme Court Website Use the ‘About Supreme Court’ tab to familiarise yourself with how the court works.

Then use the Decided Cases tab to watch some judgements – try and find the case of Owens v Owens (2018) and watch that – do you agree with the judgement?

More about the course

What will I study?

Law is everywhere. You can see it when you go to your local supermarket, when you use your phone and even when you go to College. Every item you buy, every agreement you make, every relationship you enter into is regulated by a country’s laws. Our society is governed by laws that supposedly benefit our lives; by studying Applied Law you will learn all about laws, analyse case studies and you will learn to question everything. Studying Applied Law will let you explore the relationship between laws, society and the individual in the UK.

If you study Applied Law at KGV you will have the opportunity to study both public and private law. This means you will study a variety of different crimes and case studies to give your knowledge a real backing from the past. Along with this you will learn about two areas of civil law; contract and tort. You will also consider the bigger picture, examining questions such as ‘should law enforce morality?’ or ‘does law achieve justice?’

Why choose Law at KGV

At KGV you’ll be taught by highly qualified and experienced staff. Our staff are knowledgeable and approachable and will teach you the foundations of questioning, a skill which is essential when progressing onto university.

A significant proportion of our Law students go on to study Law at university or other law-related degree courses such as Criminology, Policing and Criminal Investigation. Popular destinations include the University of Leeds, the University of Liverpool and Edge Hill University.

Entry Requirements

2 GCSEs at grade 5 or above and 3 GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including a pass (4 or above) in GCSE Maths or English.

Career opportunities

Career advice

A barrister will represent people in courts or public enquiries and also provide specialist legal advice.

Annual Salary:

As a chartered legal executive you would specialise in a particular area of law, providing legal support and advice to clients.

Annual Salary:

A solicitor will provide legal advice and act on behalf of clients in a legal capacity.

Annual Salary:

You may choose to study a combination of 2 A levels and 1 BTEC A Level Equivalent.
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