A Level

A Level Philosophy offers a gentle introduction to philosophical thinking and this course covers the typical syllabus for a first year undergraduate course at university.

There are three main aspects of study:
* Metaphysics — the study of what exists
* Moral Philosophy — the study of ethics
* Epistemology — the study of knowledge

Not only wil you identify the main philosophical questions but you will also discover essential theories which will shape your interpretations and thoughts. Learn more about our course below...

Preparing for this course

Search for the videos and programmes below to prepare for your Philosophy A Level course:

  • Ted Talks - Philosophy - Youtube
  • School of Life - Youtube
  • ASU origins – Youtube
  • Christopher Hitchens/Richard Dawkins Debates – Youtube
  • The Unbelievers - Youtube (Film)
  • The Five Dialogues of Plato – Book
  • Richard Dawkins BBC documentaries - a)Enemies of Reason; b) The Root of All Evil

More about the course

What will I study

Philosophy translates as ‘love of wisdom’ and is popularly defined as ‘thinking about thinking’, Philosophy delves into ordinary opinions and convictions on a range of different topics and will give you the skills to think logically and critically, skills that are crucial for an examined life. You will be taught, not what to think, but how to think.

Philosophy lessons are characterised by insightful debates which students not only enjoy but also find very thought provoking. You can study a number of topics including:

  • Epistemology: Do we experience the world as it is or is human perception merely an interpretation of the world? What is knowledge? What can we know and how do we know that we know?
  • Moral Philosophy: Is there objective moral reality? Are our moral claims mere expressions of our subjective feelings about situations or are they descriptive of a moral reality.
  • Metaphysics of God: What is God? Is there a God? Are the attributes of God logically coherent, e.g. can they be reconciled with the existence of evil in the world? Is Religious language meaningful?
  • Metaphysics of Mind: What is mind? What is the relationship between the mental and the physical? Are the mind and the body separate and can either exist without the other?

Why choose Philosophy at KGV

Philosophy at KGV is known for its outstanding performance and high levels of student enjoyment. The 2018 results maintained this excellent record with over 80% of our students achieving grades A*-C. Furthermore, you will enjoy a wide breadth of resources and facilities. This includes conducting philosophical research in our state of the art Learning Centre, reading the original texts of Western philosophers and reading articles in the Philosophy Today magazine, for which the College has an annual subscription.

Our previous students have gone on to study a variety of degree courses, with the majority opting to study PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics). However, studying A Level Philosophy prepares you for the kind of rigorous thinking and critical analysis valued in a wide variety of fields. Philosophy students also go into law, politics, and the civil service. Journalism is another logical career path, and so is advertising and education because philosophy students do better in verbal, writing and mathematical skills which are key skills in these careers.

Entry Requirements


5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 and or including, English Language and Maths at grade 4 or above.

Course specific

You will need a grade 6 or above in English or English Language or English Literature

You can study 3 a levels or a combination of 2 a levels and 1 btec subsidiary (a level equivalent).
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Career opportunities

Career advice

A paralegal will research and prepare legal documents as well as give legal advice to clients.

Annual Salary:

As a local government offices you would work with council policies and deliver local services.

Annual Salary:

Psychologists help people to overcome or control their problems by studying their thoughts, feelings and behaviour.

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