A Level

If you have a mathematical brain and a talent for problem solving then look no further than A level Maths!

This is a course which will compliment the vast majority of subjects and can help you down many different career pathways. The A level maths course is made up of 3 main topic areas: Pure Maths (algebra, graphs, trigonometry and Calculus), Mechanics and Statistics.

So scroll below to see if A level Maths is for you.

Preparing for this course

To help you prepare for A Level Mathematics we’ve produced a handy guide to help you. Please download this Booklet to use as a resource.

More about the course

What will I study

Maths is all around us and we use in many ways including for measurements, money, analysing data, problems involving motion and forces. The difference with A Level Maths compared to GCSE is that you will focus more on algebra rather than numerical maths. You will look at Calculus which involves finding the gradients of curves and the area under curves. The focus of the A Level Maths course means that you can pursue careers in Engineering, Business, Economics, Psychology, Medicine and more.

The A Level maths course is made up of three main topic areas:

  • Pure Maths (algebra, graphs, trigonometry and Calculus)
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics

The final exams are at the end of the two years and are made up of 2/3 Pure maths and 1/6 Statistics and 1/6 Mechanics

Why choose Mathematics at KGV

We keep our class sizes small at KGV, which means you get tailored support for your individual needs. You will also be encouraged to work in pairs or bigger groups so as to improve your team working and collaborative skills. You will benefit from fantastic teaching delivered by positive and passionate staff!

Our students go on and study a variety of different subjects after having done A level Maths from Accountancy, Business, Science, Medicine, Psychology, Computer Science, Engineering, Maths, Music and Art.

Entry Requirements


5 GCSEs at grades 9 - 5 and or including, English Language and Maths at grade 4 or above.

Course specific

You will need a grade 6 or above in Mathematics, but we recommend a grade 7 or above.

You can study 3 a levels or a combination of 2 a levels and 1 btec subsidiary (a level equivalent).
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Career opportunities

Career advice

Your job as a management accountant would be to look after a company’s financial health and look for ways to increase profitability.

Annual Salary:

A stockbroker will trade stocks and shares, managing a client portfolio to get the best return on investment.

Annual Salary:

As a data analyst you would collect and use data to identify trends and create models, presenting your results to key audiences.

Annual Salary: