King George V College

3 August 2017

On Thursday 29 June 2017, King George V College hosted their annual Awards Evening to celebrate the success and achievements of their second year students.

Students, friends and family members attended the ceremony which was held in King George V College’s Creative Arts Theatre.

Anne-Marie Francis, Acting Principal at KGV College, said, ‘The evening was a celebration of student success over the year and focused on outstanding achievement and excellence.’

To kick start the Awards Evening, advanced level students Keir Nicholas-Haizelden and Laura Burgess spoke on their experiences as well as their achievements whilst studying at the College. During the speeches they thanked subject teachers for their support throughout the year, as well as fellow students who attended on the night.

Keir, a former Birkdale High School student, said, ‘KGV has been an experience that I would not trade for anything. This is a great college, with great teachers and, of course, great students.

‘The people at this college are its core; the vital thing that makes KGV what it is. Even when I have faltered, the teachers here have done nothing but support me.

‘I’ve had the opportunity to study Biology, Chemistry and Geology and I plan to study Microbiology at the University of Liverpool next year. I hope to obtain a doctorate in Virology in the future, a field that has interested me for a very long time.

Before the awards were presented to students, Music students Imogen Faux and Sarah Walker performed their solo pieces in front of the audience in the theatre.

Each subject area chose two award winners, one for Progress and Attainment and the other for Effort and Application. Each winner had shown dedication and commitment to their studies throughout their time at KGV.

Anne-Marie Francis, added, ‘It was an absolute pleasure to see the theatre full of students and their friends and families as our VIP guests presented the awards.’

Sponsored Awards were also announced on the night, including the David Sutton Award for Endeavour, the Old Georgians Student Award and the Sports Scholarship.

Student Ambassadors who helped organize the event, alongside staff at the College, were also presented with an award for their hard work throughout the year.

In September, KGV will open its doors to a new cohort of students. New students are invited to enroll at the College on Thursday 24 August.

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