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Performing Arts at KGV follows the BTEC Subsidiary Diploma specification, the great advantage of which is its relevance to real life industry practice. You and your group will form your own theatre company and work through a series of assignments together that focus on developing your physical, vocal and creative skills. You will get the opportunity to practice your skills through frequent performance opportunities at the end of each assignment and showcase your talents through major public performances in the new Performance Theatre of our Creative Arts Building.

You will spend a considerable amount of time assessing and developing your drama, dance and music skills and then applying them to a variety of performance situations. The focus is on you as an individual performer, the level of skills you possess at the start of the course and how you can improve your performance skills through a range of practical opportunities.


During each year of the course you will study a physical performance unit and a vocal performance unit that will lead to a major performance at the end of the year. Topics include Developing Voice for the Actor, Developing Physical Theatre Skills, Contemporary Performance and Singing Skills for Actors and Dancers.


Students’ progress on to a variety of higher education courses at both university and Drama Colleges, studying acting, directing, musical theatre, drama and theatre studies and performance studies. Many students have aspirations to go into the theatre business as actors, directors, design and technical staff or as theatre administrators. Other students will progress into related industries such as film, television and journalism.

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