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You will gain a broad understanding of how ICT is used in business and in everyday life.  You will advance your knowledge and skills in a wide range of software and hardware applications, including how to upgrade software and hardware to improve computer performance. You will develop an understanding of how networks, including the Internet, function.

This course is an exciting opportunity to learn about real-world developments in information and communication technology and to conduct investigations using work-related contexts. BTEC IT offers a foundation for students who wish to pursue a carer in ICT or move on to degree level study.

The senior network technician at Ferrari is a former KGV BTEC Student and several of our students, after completing degree courses in Forensic Computing, now work closely with National Police Forces helping to police the Internet.


The course has been structured to allow a number of pathways onto Higher Education or Employment. For example: Computer Systems and Maintaining Computers are beneficial to students that want a career in IT Technical Support. Computer Systems, Computer Networks, Communications Technology and Procedural Programming make a good foundation for students that want a career in the Networking and Communications Industry. Whilst Database Design, Spreadsheet Modelling, Data Analysis and Design and Business Resources are for those students that want to progress into business support.


Once you have completed your Extended Diploma, you will be able to apply to a range of Universities or move directly into the world of employment. A triple distinction in your Extended Diploma gives the same level of UCAS Tariff points as 3 As at A Level.

Many students progress onto University where they have studied courses including: Computing (Software Development), Computing (Networking & Forensics), Business Management and Website Design and Development. You might, as recently happened to one of our former students, find your self managing the whole of the communications network for the McLaren Formula 1 racing team.

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