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The course is both practical and theoretical and offers a wide variety of units that entice students to peruse a specialist area. It will help you determine a pathway to your future within the media industry, give you practical experience and develop your knowledge across a range of the different media sectors. A wide variety of topics are covered on the course to give you a broad experience whilst you are here. Work experience is also offered to further develop your skills, this could be in a number of areas such as journalism, film editing and production management.

The course culminates in a celebratory Oscars themed event when students are nominated for different award categories relevant to their work.


You will experience a number of specialisms within the media sector, such as animation, creating your own short film, graphic design and scriptwriting. These are all aimed to give you a broad experience of the areas within the media industry to enable you to develop a specialism over time, but also to give you a diverse portfolio of work and experience once you have completed the course.


A large number of our previous Media students have moved on to university, following a host of different directions within the media industry. This course’s main prerogative is to enable you to sample different areas within the media industry so that you can specialise when you progress onto university. Some of our former students have gone on to study: Film and TV Production, Fashion Art Direction, TV Production, Games Journalism and PR at Universities such as Northumbria, Edge Hill, Salford and Gloucestershire.

Some other opportunities that you could move on to are Journalism, Graphic Design, Advertising, Animation or Marketing. The Digital Creative Media Course has a number of units that allow you to not only learn, but gain first-hand experience within the field!

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