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Physics involves studying the composition and laws of the universe that surrounds us, from the atom to galaxies! We study a number of different topics including particles, astrophysics, nuclear physics, waves and mechanics.

Throughout this course teamwork and communication will be developed and your mathematical skills will be put to the test. Students will be encouraged to study in a manner which prepares them for the vigour of university life, which will be an invaluable aid going forward.

At KGV we have a set of excellent laboratories in which to study, as well as tutors with enthusiasm and the skill set needed to help you achieve.

Students in the past have gone on to study at universities across the country, progressing onto a range of different science courses as well as studying more specialised aspects of physics.


To enhance your studies, there are trips organised to CERN in Geneva, one of the world’s largest centres for scientific research where physicists and engineers are probing the fundamental structure of the universe. We also arrange university taster days and trips to attend lectures at universities which offer our students cutting edge-scientific knowledge on current research topics.


KGV has a set of excellent laboratories as well as a wide range of practical equipment for students to take advantage of.


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