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Geology is the study of the Earth. The course covers identification of rocks, minerals and fossils, both in a laboratory setting and in the field, and the identification of structures on both a large and small scale.

KGV has an extensive collection of rocks, minerals and fossils so you’ll be encouraged to be very hands on with your learning. The ability to go and handle a number of samples is vital to ensuring good geological practice.

As part of the course, you will be invited to attend a week long fieldtrip to the Isle of Arran to investigate how the rocks of the island were affected by seismic events hundreds of thousands of years ago. We’ll go to remote locations such as Fairy Dell, near Lochranza, and look at phenomena such as sills, dykes and crystallised magma.

Throughout this varied learning experience, students can expect to work with multiple disciplines and will therefore develop skills in English, maths, drawing, map work and more!

Students at KGV have gone on to study geography, geology and environmental sciences at a number of universities, not just in the North West, but across the country.


In addition to the visit to Arran, students are invited on other fieldtrips to various interesting geological localities across the North West including Shap in Cumbria and the Peak District. You’ll also have the chance to visit Liverpool’s World Museum to examine the dinosaur and other fossils in the museum’s collection and enjoy a hands on session with samples of rocks, minerals and fossils.


KGV has its very own Rockery, an extensive rock, mineral and fossil collection, which is accessible to students at any point in the College day. The Rockery can be used as a place to study or to allow students additional hands on experience with the collection. The laboratory itself has access to a number of microscopes and thin sections of a different rock types are available for you to look more closely at the finer details of the rocks.

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