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Geography is a dynamic subject that will provide you with an in depth understanding of the world's current events. Throughout the course you will learn how to observe, describe, explain, analyse and critically assess information about our world. Geography is unique in linking the social and natural sciences, and supportive tutors at the college will help you investigate the links between people and their enviroment at a variety of scales.


Studying A-Level Geography at KGV will give you a deeper understanding of Geographical subjects that will expand on your knowledge and develop your skills. You will look into the causes and consequences for different people and places through globalisation; how and why places are shaped and changed; human and natural factors that impact on water cycling, along with many more subjects! Other topics you will study are: Tectonic Hazards, Coasts, SuperPowers, Energy Security, and Global Development.


Geographers are highly sought after by employers, and students, embark on a diverse range of career paths including enviromental work, law, local governance, town planning, international business, teaching and medicine. Employers frequently comment that geographers have international awareness - including "a global mind-set" and "cultural agility" skills that are vital in our global economy. Recently geographers from KGV have progressed on to a range of top universities - including Durham, Lancaster, Leeds and Liverpool.

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