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Computing at KGV boasts impressive pass rates. The syllabus incorporates a wide variety of topics including conceptual models, problem solving and practical work so that you will develop a range of creative focussed, analytical and theoretical skills.

Students often develop their own interests  as they progress through the A level and the second year project often represents a chance for students to specialise, whether that be in a different choice of programming language (php and C# projects are often popular) or a specialist project area, such as simulators, scientific modelling, company databases or even card game probability.

A Computing A level is held in high regard by both universities and employers.  A very high proportion of KGV student’s progress on to university to study a related degree such as Computer Science, Engineering, Economics, Physics or Maths. Computer skills are a shortage area and are in very high demand. Many of the specialist skills are applicable to multi-disciplinary area or fields of work.


As part of the computing enrichment experience, you’ll have the chance to get involved in KGV’s Cypher Challenge and will learn to programme in other languages. You’ll also learn about the application of computing in other areas, such as microcontrollers and E-Commerce.


KGV has several fully equipped, up to date computer laboratories which feature the latest software including applications development, simulations and interactive learning materials.

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