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As a Graphic Design student at King George V College, you will be introduced to a wide variety of design possibilities over a two year course which will help you develop your own practice as a designer. As well as researching, observing and designing, you will be able to explore and experiment with other media including photography, editorial design and digital manipulation. 

This subject will give you a head start with developing the ability to visually communicate in many fields of the design industry allowing you to explore signage, adverts, menus, editorials, graphic novels, packaging labels, designer labels, websites, TV graphics and much more.  

This is an exciting, innovative and challenging course. You will be expected to develop an open and exploratory approach to your work and to develop informed design skills, with an increasing awareness of contemporary issues. 


As part of the learning experience you can expect a wealth of visiting designer workshops, local and international trips such as Paris, Barcelona and New York, and lots of other creative and artistic experiences. 


We have a contemporary art and design department equipped with digital Graphic Design resources. We offer both MAC and PC options within our design suites and modern design studios. Student are also encouraged to utilise the photography facilities (both digital and film based) as well as the other art and design studio spaces. 

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